Slots Volatility Explained

Volatility, also sometimes referred to as dispersion or variance, tells you how much you’re risking when you play a slot. It gives you information on you often you can expect to get paid out and how big this amount will be.

Low Volatility Slots

These games don’t have a huge difference between the minimum and maximum win amounts. They produce a lot of small to mid-sized payouts and never deviate too much from the guaranteed Return to Player rate. So, over the longer-term, you’ll generally trigger enough wins to make the time you’ve spent worthwhile.

These slots are perfect for players who are either learning how the games work or who are testing out a new title. They’re also a great option for casual players who are looking to extend their bankrolls a bit.

Because they pay out so often the wins are smaller, but you won’t have to go long periods with nothing to show for your efforts!

Medium Volatility Slots

This group offers players a happy compromise between the two extremes. They provide plenty of low to medium-sized wins throughout the games and also give you the chance of taking home a huge jackpot, often up to as much as 1 000X your triggering bet.

If you’re interested in winning big but don’t want to risk too much of your bankroll to get hold of that jackpot, they’re the perfect volatility. You can compete for big prizes while keeping an eye on your balance. While the returns from the Free Spins bonuses and jackpots never get as big as they do in these games as they do in the high-variance group, you can still look forward to adrenaline-pumping action.

High Volatility Slots

You’ll find a big difference between the maximum and minimum win amounts with these games. Generally, the bigger the jackpot available, the higher the volatility will be. So, whenever you hear of a million-dollar win on the news or watch videos of slot machines paying out thousands of times the initial bet it will be from a title in this group.

But, along with the higher reward, the risk level increases, and you may find yourself going through long periods of play with no significant win combinations being hit. But most of these titles also have high Return to Player rates, so while you may face a dry spell or two in the short run they will pay you out on down the line. Except it won’t be in small ways like their low- and medium-volatility counterparts. You’ll hit the big time in a single spin or thanks to a lucrative bonus round instead at

So, if you’re patient, love the feeling of taking a risk, and have a bankroll big enough to keep you spinning the reels for periods without any significant rewards, then try this group of games out. If you’re lucky play slots games for real money and you can look forward to putting anything between 1 000X and 10 000X your bet pack in your pocket!