A Guide to Slots Variance

Slots reviews always mention the variance of the game in question and many players skim this information, with most ignoring it completely. But it’s a factor you should be taking into account as it seriously affects the way a slot behaves and thus should influence how you approach it.

What Is Slot Variance?

Variance is the factor that determines the size and regularity of the payouts of the reel game you’re thinking about playing and it’s often also referred to as volatility. In short, games with high variance pay out bigger amounts less often, and those with a lower variance do so more regularly, albeit in smaller amounts. While this does balance out over time, it’s still a good idea to keep it in mind as you play.

What Isn’t Slot Variance?

Although there is a relation between Return to Player rates and variance there is no direct correlation.

RTP rates refer to how much of the money you bet you’ll get back over a theoretical number of spins, describing the risk you’re taking playing over the long-term. But variance talks about how the payouts of the slot work, whether they happen in smaller amounts more regularly or in large amounts less often.

So you could find a high variance slot which also boasts a high RTP.

Low Variance Slots

Low variance games offer lower risk over the short-term and are perfect for players with a small or limited bankroll and for those who don’t like taking huge risks on every spin of the reel. They are the kind of titles where you’ll see a win every two or three spins or so, so your bankroll is never in danger of taking a massive hit.

Medium Variance Slots

These are the most prolific reel games you’ll find when you’re spending time at online and mobile casinos. They provide the relatively low risk usually associated with low variance games but also boast a higher winning potential relative than their low variance counterparts do.

If you’re not on too tight a budget but still need to make your bankroll last for as long as you can, these games are a great idea. They’re easy to find at most sites and will ensure you can enjoy the fun for an extended amount of time.

High Variance Slots

High rollers, risk-takers, and thrill-seekers take note. This is the group of games you’ll be most attracted to!

The perfect player for these NZ slots for real money is the opposite of the ideal low variance game player. If you choose to try one of these you’ll see fewer wins occurring, with long dry spells occurring between them, but when they do come, the payouts are generally big. This makes them a profitable choice if you’ve got the nerves and the bankroll to support you through the waiting times.

Which One Is Right for You?

Which of these games to play can change from day to day, so don’t get stuck playing just one type. Get a feel for your mood, your budget, and what kind of experience you’re looking for and go from there.