A Simple Guide To Online Football Betting For Beginners

Punters looking to bet on football games by means of the World Wide Web will find the process a very user-friendly one: the vast majority of online bookmakers make a number of different markets available. Generally a bet-limit of 1000 in whatever the punter’s currency is will be instituted, but there are sportsbooks that offer higher wagers, with limits as high as 100 000 or 100 000 000 not being unheard of.

American football is by far the most watched, and bet on, sport in that country, and its popularity is increasing with punters from different parts of the world thanks to this fact. There are a number of special events that occur throughout the game’s season that allow punters to take part more regularly, but the most commonly wagered on games are those that take place during the Super Bowl.

This is the biggest event in the world in terms of American football, and millions of fans turn out, both at the games themselves and at bookmakers’ sites. Punters enjoy an excellent array of markets for these games, including the score; the winning team; and even which team will win the coin-toss. Some of the most popular bets are the spread; straight-up; and over/under, but more exotic types are available as well.

Exotic Bet Markets

A popular exotic bet when it comes to football markets is that of teasers, and these can be divided into two groups: standard teasers, and sweetheart, or monster, teasers.

Standard Teaser Bets

A standard teaser football wager can involve anything from two to more than 15 teams, and is a combination wager, in which each individual bet has to win in order for the punter to collect his or her money. Pushes will be handled differently from one bookmaker to the next: some will grade them a loss and others will reduce, or remove, that tie from the wager. Some bookmakers even offer both options for punters to take advantage of.

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A teaser wager allows punters to add extra points to their spread: if he or she likes a team -10, and another one also at -10, bets can be placed on both teams at -3 instead –although both wagers will need to win or the bet will lose.

These https://usamobilebetting.net/live/ betting options range wildly from sportsbook to sportsbook and will depend on which, and how many, teams are involved. Line-shopping plays a very important part in teaser wagers and punters must be sure to remember to read and understand every aspect of the rules in place in order to establish whether pushes reduce or push the wager entire.

Sweetheart Teaser Wagers

Sweetheart football teaser bets are special ones, designed by bookmakers to entice players hoping to make an easy profit. These bets pay out big time when they are successful, but punters would do well to think them over very carefully, and consider all the relevant information before rushing in to place them.

Sweetheart teasers allow punters to gain an additional 10+ on each of their spreads.