Deal Or No Deal Online Slots by IGT

Deal Or No Deal is a remarkably popular television show that sees players embarking on a game of chance and choosing from several suitcases, all in the hopes of securing large amounts of money. Of course, it only made sense for this game to then be turned into an online slots game.

IGT has done just that. Of course, the online slots game varies slightly from the television show, but it should not be considered as any less exciting. The game was launched in 2007, and ever since then, has managed to garner and sustain quite a significant following all across the world of online casinos.

How To Play Deal or No Deal

The rules of IGT’s Deal Or No Deal are fairly simple. If you have seen the television show, you will know that the banker plays an integral part in determining your overall winnings, and negotiating with him is key. In terms of the best fun games online, perhaps the most important thing to note is the fact that you may be presented with the banker symbol (represented by a telephone).

As soon as you see this symbol, you can be sure that that particular spin will land on a winning combination. However, the banker will make you another offer, which you need to decide whether or not to take. In true Deal Or No Deal fashion, this offer will only be made visible to you once you have selected your decision.

The banker’s figure could either be less or more than the amount you win on the slots, so players really have to think carefully about whether or not to accept the offer. It’s tricky, but it makes the game even less predictable and even more exciting. It could also lead to significantly large wins, which is never a bad thing, is it?

Bonus Features

IGT has designed Deal Or No Deal in such a way that it lends itself to not one, but two bonus features. First, there is the mystery box. Basically, players are tasked with choosing from 15 boxes. Three of these boxes are empty, 11 contain cash prizes and the final one lets the players claim all the cash prizes. These boxes are in completely random order, and players can keep on selecting boxes and winning whatever is inside of them. However, should the player draw an empty box, the mystery box bonus feature will immediately be terminated.

The second feature that Deal Or No Deal has is that of the bonus game. This game can be accessed once players spin at least three of the game’s logo on one active payline. The player will be presented with 26 boxes and from there, they will need to pick just one. After every round of revealing what the other boxes contain, the banker will make you an offer for your box. However, whether or not this offer is accepted is completely up to the player. Should an offer be accepted as exactly the right time, the player could walk away with a hefty sum of money.