World Twenty20

The ICC World Twenty20

The ICC World Twenty20 is the championship of twenty20 cricket. Twenty20 cricket, also often referred to as T20 cricket, is considered to be an ultra condensed version of traditional cricket. A standard cricket game is generally played over the course of a few days, but a twenty20 cricket match is played in normally just three hours. Twenty20 cricket is an official form of cricket, and often thought of by fans and spectators to often be a more exciting version, given that the matches are played to completion so rapidly.

The ICC World Twenty20 puts international teams against one another in games of twenty20 cricket. There are 16 official teams that participate in the tournament, but a number of other teams often compete if qualifying via the official ICC World Twenty20 qualifier matches. To date the West Indies is the best competing team in the ICC World Twenty20. They have won the title twice, and stand as the current champions as of 2016. Other teams that have performed well include England and Sri-Lanka.

ICC Wold Cup Twenty20 History

The history of the ICC World Twenty20 is an interesting one. The story goes that in 2002 cricket was seeing a decline in popularity, with the younger crowds generally finding the long format of cricket games to be boring. In order to address this situation, and regain popularity with the younger audiences, the idea of Twenty20 cricket was put forward. The incredible fast pace of the game would not only appeal to the younger audiences, it was reasoned, but also introduce a whole new form of cricket to the world. Some said that Twenty20 cricket was going against the core of the game, but most agreed that cricket could be played in many forms.

The decision ultimately went to a vote, and it was officially declared that Twenty20 cricket be accepted as a now official form of cricket. The decision seems to have been a good one, given that the ICC World Cup Twenty20 is currently one of the most popular cricket events in the world. So popular has the form of cricket become that is was recently announced the ICC world Twenty20 be held once every two years, as apposed to once every four ears. The idea has been accepted, with the next ICC World Twenty20 to be held in 2018.

ICC World Twenty20 Betting

The ICC World Twenty20 is very popular with bet makers. Few sports can offer an event where a bet is placed, and the official result given just a few hours later. For this reason it is common that bet makers sit at the game live, and make bets via there mobile phones while enjoying a game of online bingo Australia. Twenty20 cricket is also extremely fast paced and unpredictable, which makes an exciting betting scene.

As with all tournament events, predicting the overall winner in advance gives the best payouts. Each individual match may also be bet on, however, with fixed odds generally provided for each of the teams. See what betting options are provided for the ICC Twenty20 at your favourite online bookmaker.