Casinos in the United Kingdom

Casinos in the United Kingdom

Casino online in the United Kingdom exist, but are not a massive source of income nor are they amazingly popular with either tourists or locals. That being said, the UK has some of the oldest casinos in the world. Gambling in the UK dates back almost 2000 years, to when the Romans conquered the islands. The Romans brought with them their versions of games of chance, many of which involved dice. That of course grew to wagering on sporting events such as jousting and other medieval activities. Horse racing was born in the UK, and from there spread all over the world.

Early versions of casinos began to appear due to European influence in the early 1800’s. These were in the form of private members only gaming clubs such as Crockfords, which was situated on Curzon Street in London. The Victoria Sporting Club opened its doors also in London very soon after Crockfords. Although these types of venues became increasingly popular and started to spring up everywhere, the British Government didn’t actually have an official standpoint or any laws pertaining to them until the 1960’s.

The 1960 gaming Act legalized brick and mortar casinos and one man became known as the father of British casinos, opening a number of them all over the UK.  Since then a number of casinos have opened, and along with them a few large corporation who specialize in owning and managing casinos. In 2005 the Gambling Act was amended to include online casinos. Casinos in the United Kingdom are a different breed to those in the United States. Most of them are stand alone casinos with eateries, but not attached to resorts or anything so tacky. They follow the tradition of members only clubs, mostly being very refined.

The Grosvenor Barracuda Casino London

The Grosvenor Barracuda Casino London is a perfect example of a London based casino. A refined and genteel place, the Grosvenor Barracuda Casino London offers players a number of modern slot machines and table games inside a classy gaming room staffed by professional dealers and wait staff. Blackjack, American Roulette Baccarat and Three Card poker are the featured table games, and can be played on tables with a variety of wagers.

The casino has an onsite restaurant that will be delighted to cook anything off the al la carte fine dining menu. A cocktail bar is situated on the casino floor for those in need of a quick break and refreshment. The White Room is a private room that can be hired out for events or private gaming parties.

The Genting Casino Brighton

Brighton is a seaside town in England and pretty much passes for that countries main sea side destination. It is not at all like the sea side resorts in the US. The Genting Casino Brighton is a small casino with only about half a dozen table games featuring Roulette, Blackjack and Three Card poker, and a number of slot machines. The Genting Group is a large consortium that owns a number of casinos in the United Kingdom with the Genting Casino Brighton being one of their smaller ones. A Graze and Play menu has been developed specifically for the Genting group which allows players to carry on with their games and still be able to snack.

Genting International Casino Resort World Birmingham

The Genting International Casino Resort World Birmingham is the first integrated casino resort in the UK. The complex has a shopping mall, a movie theatre, a hotel and many eateries and bars. The casino has 100 slots and 31 tables.