Why Sports Betting is Such a Smash Hit in Australia

Studies have found that there is an explosion in sports betting activities, despite the overall decline in the number of gamblers from Australia. The study, which was undertaken by researchers at the New South Wales Southern Cross University, found that 64% of Australians have gambled in the last year, while as many as 82% were doing so in 1999.

Dr Sally Gainsbury, Southern Cross University researcher, has stated that sports betting, on the other hand, has doubled in popularity. The take has grown by 15% in a short 5-year period.

The Convenience of Online Sports Betting

52% of people who take part in online wagering prefer the mode, compared to that of gamblers who enjoy land-based venue.

The convenience and accessibility is the big driving force, and Australians prefer it to the hassle of heading to a land-based betting venue. Younger people are also starting to take part, thanks to the advances in mobile technology that this sub-set is more attuned to.

Sports Bettors are More Generally Male

Dr Gainsbury has stated that online bettors are generally males, younger, and have a higher education level than those who do not bet, with the majority being educated at a tertiary level.

They thus have greater access to the internet, both at home and at work, and have a bigger amount of money that they are able to spend, thanks to the fact that they come from a higher socioeconomic bracket.

Other Factors in the Growing Popularity of Online Betting

The rise in sports betting in Australia is also as a result of an increase in advertising, largely attributed to that which takes place online at betting sites for Aussie sports.

The convenience of being able to lay bets from anywhere at all, and in the total safety which 128-bit state of the art SSL data-encryption technology allows for, means that it is simply much easier to do.

Smartphones have Created a New Generation of Bettors

Simulated gaming activities, like that which is being pushed through social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, are also part of the reason betting and gambling is enjoying such popularity.

These normalise the activities, and allow people to take part without the associated stigma attached to land-based bookmakers that has emerged over the years.

The increased visibility of gambling and betting has also had an effect on the popularity thereof; pokies parlours are more visible, betting online activities can be executed by just about anybody, and purchasing a ticket for the lottery is as easy as one-two-three.

As long as individuals are properly educated as to the inherent dangers of over-spending, gambling and betting activities can be an enjoyable way to put a little extra money in the bank, or to add an extra layer of excitement to a beloved sporting activity like football or rugby. Australians love placing bets on the NRL as well as on the AFL.

The activity is a fun one, if enjoyed in moderation, and, as has been the case with alcohol, as long as individuals are aware of their limitations and properly informed as to how to avoid the pitfalls, the increased accessibility is not in any way problematic.