A Look at Bonus Deluxe Poker for Beginners

Realtime Gaming is known for their game quality. This quality, which translates into real casino entertainment video poker enjoyment, is certainly part of the attraction of the Bonus Deluxe game. Bonus Deluxe video poker enables players to win irrespective of whether their hand is low or high. Payouts begin from the relatively minor hand of a pair or jacks, which really plays to the basic attraction of slots and video poker machines in the low investment high returns probability stakes.

The factors that make Bonus Deluxe poker such an attraction amongst players is that the pay-outs are relatively large and statistically good for players. Deluxe, as a game description in video poker pertains largely to the specific hand of four-of-a-kind. Landing this hand will prove exceptionally lucrative to any player since the payout for this particular hand is significantly more than in non-deluxe video poker games, three time more, in fact.

Particulars of this Game

In addition, the basics of Bonus Deluxe are such that all four of a kind wins receive a huge pay out. Compared to Bonus Poker, where only the A, 2, 3 and 4 receive major rewards, RTG’s Deluxe version offers these heavily accentuated pay outs on all four of a kind, or quad, wins. This creates large amounts of entertaining casino play, since getting near a four of a kind elevates anticipation markedly. The pay-off, so to speak, is reduced odds on full houses, two pairs and often the flush hands.

All wins achieved during a game of Bonus Deluxe poker are eligible for the double or nothing gamble game. How the gamble feature works in RTG’s Bonus Deluxe poker is that five cards are dealt, the first of which is dealt face up. Picking a higher value card from the remaining four will double the win.

As mentioned, the lowest paying combination in the Bonus Deluxe is the pair of jacks. In increasing levels of pay-out, the next hands to look forward to as a player are two pairs, three of a kind, straight, a flush, a full house, four of a kind, a straight flush and finally, a royal flush.

Bonus Deluxe Poker Statistics

Video poker, of which RTG are renowned specialists, remains a game of poker mathematics in its core. Bonus Deluxe video poker has dramatically increased the quad bonuses and pay outs. These additional quad, or four of a kind bonuses are given at the price of losing some of the pay-out odds on a full house and on a flush on these video poker machines. The expected return to player earnings for Bonus Deluxe video poker that pays out 8 to 1 on a Full House and 5 to 1 on a Flush turns out, at 99.17%, to be slightly lower than the base game of Jacks-or-Better at Canadian casinos online. Jacks-or-Better pays out 9 to 1 on the Full House, and 6 to 1 on the Flush and has a return to player of 99.54%.

To maximise your odds on Bonus Deluxe poker, players should always bet the maximum amount of coins on each hand, as this provides the bigger pay-outs in the event of a winning hand. Most importantly, however, is to have fun playing the fascinating game of Bonus Deluxe video poker.