What are The Best AFL Bets to Make?

The AFL is the incredibly popular Australian Football League and one of the best sporting events to bet on. Online bettors in Australia and the rest of the world have a wide variety of betting options when it comes to betting on the AFL and many varying odds that come with the different betting options.

Some bets are better to place than others because they offer better winning chances for their value. Everyone from beginners to expert bettors will find suitable options that are not too complicated or excitingly complex depending on what they prefer.

The most convenient places to bet on the AFL are on online or mobile platforms and finding the safest, most trustworthy sites are the best option for safer betting. Reliable sites offer the best odds and a variety of AFL bets.

Factors that Affect the Odds

The AFL betting options come with varying odds which are all determined by a number of factors. These are what bookmakers take into account when deciphering what a bet is worth and what is chances are of winning.

Australian bettors will find a host of information to help them make smart bets but some of the major factors that influence which bets are best to make include the favourites which is the team with the best AFL premiership odds of winning, betting on the home side team as it has the advantage, the ranking on the premiership ladder, if any injuries have occurred and the past and present performance of a team.

It is wise to examine all tips that are offered with regards to which bets are best as some with short odds may have very low pay outs while others may have even odds and good pay outs or extremely long odds and huge pay outs.

Popular Types of AFL Bets

Margin betting and line betting are somewhat similar and often confused for each other, but the slight differences between the two betting options make them uniquely popular bets.

Margin betting is betting on which team will win a match and by how many points they win the match. Line betting is a handicap bet where points are given to the underdogs to even out the playing field. Bets can be placed on one of two options which must include the teams finishing with points over or within the line established. Both options generally have quite even odds.

The winning team of any AFL match can be bet on along with a margin. AFL bets also include double and extra double bets which involve betting on the winning team of two selected matches, half and full double bets which involve betting on the leading team at half time or full time and quad bets which involve betting on the winning teams for four selected matches. Quarter quad bets also allow bettors to select and bet on leaders at the end of every quarter in a selected match. Quad and quarter quad bets allow for flexi betting which gives an opportunity to outlay a bet that is suitable for all budgets.