Comprehensive Online American Football Betting Guide

American football, aka “Gridiron”, is one of the top three sports in the United States, and also enjoys an enthusiastic following in many other countries around the world. Some of the major games, for example the Super Bowl final, have taken on an almost religious significance, with fans gathering at each other’s houses to enjoy a barbecue while watching the game in an annual tradition.

The increasing availability of broadband Internet access around the world has introduced American football to even more fans around the world. Those who have no access to TV broadcasts of Gridiron games can follow their favourite teams on live streaming and video websites. As more and more sports around the globe get interested in American football, more opportunities are also being created in a related entertainment field: online sports betting.

The Basics of Online Betting

Gambling laws are different from country to country; some allow casinos, but not sports betting. Others will place no restrictions on online gambling, but forbid land-based casinos or private lottery games. So the first step anyone wishing to try online American football sports betting must take is check out the legal position where they live, and make sure they are allowed to bet online. Common sense also dictates that they check out individual betting shops, checking reviews and certifications to make sure the operation deals with customers fairly and adequately secures their sensitive information.

Depending on the online betting shop, different types of bet can be offered, too. Some will relate to the outcome of the game: which team wins, and by how much. But many bookmakers will offer side-bet options on specific events: the time of the first touchdown or field goal, for example. There are three popular “outcome-based” bets, however: the Moneyline bet, the Handicap bet and the Total Points bet.

The Moneyline bet is simply a prediction of which team will win, and it will usually result in the lowest pay-outs for wins. A Handicap bet, basically, is a prediction that a team will win by a certain number of points; bookmakers will handicap both teams according to their previous form, so the underdogs must triumph by a certain margin to be “true” winners.  A Total Points bet, as the name implies, is a prediction that the total points scored by both teams will be over or under a certain mark set by the bookmaker. The pay-out odds for these various bets are determined by bookmakers before the bet is placed, so experience players develop a certain eye for bets that are priced to deliver good rewards.

Gambling Responsibly is a Personal Choice

A happy gambler is a gambler who can afford to lose; sports betting should only ever be a fun pastime, not a matter of being able to pay the rent or not. So the first rule of online American football betting should always remain: only bet with disposable income. Maintaining secure encryption and anti-virus software on their own devices is also the player’s responsibility, as is making sure they bet only at legal, reputable nz legal sports betting sites. But by taking elementary precautions and sticking to a budget, American football fans can turn online betting into a pleasant and affordable pastime that entertains them for years.