10 Tips For New Slots Players

10 Tips For New Slots Players

There are many reasons video slots have become such a global hit over the last 50 years, but perhaps the most important reason is their simplicity. While many other casino games can take years to truly learn and master, slots are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Anyone can load up a game online and start playing within seconds, and no real time or learning investment is necessary.

Added on to this, slots are often bright, colourful, and fun to play, and the many variations of the game keeps it fresh even for seasoned players. All this together has contributed to the unprecedented phenomenon of the casino slots industry that continues to grow every day. For those new to the game, here are some helpful tips to get you started in the exciting world of slots.

Getting Started

With the ability to play them anywhere, off of just about any modern mobile device, slots are the perfect way to get into the casino industry. Simple, quick to learn, and the chance of huge winnings, it is little wonder why so many flock to their favourite slot machines every day.

1. Play Free Online

Whether you plan to stick exclusively with online slots, or want to have a go at a slot machine at your nearest casino, playing online for free is the best way to learn the game.

2. Check The Pay Tables

When deciding to play a real money slot, there are some things to check out for before hitting the spin button. The most important is the pay table. Pay tables determine how the player wins, and how much they receive in payouts.

3. Progressive Jackpots

Many slots that use a progressive jackpot will have ever-changing odds depending on the size of the jackpot. If the jackpot grows large enough, a slot machine might begin to be profitable just for playing.

4. Bonus Games

Bonus games are a fantastic way of earning a little bit extra on top of whatever the reels pay out, and these bonus games can often alter the odds in favour of the player depending on the slot.

5. Paylines

In most modern pokies online NZ games, the paylines used to calculate the total amount the player can win. Checking a slot for its paylines and how much they pay is important to understanding how much can be won off of that particular slot.

6. Understand RNG

Random number generators are the systems that slot machines work, and learning how they function gives players an idea of their chances of winning.

7. Manage The Coins

Slot machines online generally accept coins or credit. This is further expanded by offering fractions of the coin, so it can help to understand what the returns are for the value of a coin.

8. Promotions

Any reputable casino will offer special promotions. This can come in the form of free spins or bonus prizes linked to a specific slot.

9. Welcome Bonuses

Like promotions, casinos offer new players welcome bonuses that can be acquired by signing up with them and investing a certain amount of money at CAD casinos.

10. Symbols

The general rule of slots that new players can follow is: the more symbols a slot has, the lower the chances of winning. Slots that only offer a few symbols at a time will often have much better odds.