The Avengers Online Slot’s Features in Review

The Avengers is an online slot game created by Cryptologic. It is well known for having excellent production value, including outstanding graphics, a high-octane soundtrack, and multiple bonus special features. Fans of the movie will first notice that all the recognisable stars of the Avengers franchise have been directly transplanted over to the game, including Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk.

The second thing movie fans will notice is that the game has ranked the heroes in terms of value, putting Captain America at the top, and Hawk Eye at the bottom. This decision, although necessary for the design of the game, may get a few lovers of the lesser-ranked heroes a bit hot under the collar. In terms of game play The Avengers slot game uses a five reel, twenty betting line system, with players free to adjust play lines as they wish, between spins. This provides an excellent level of strategic play, and is sure to appeal to veteran players who enjoy a more hands on experience. Note that The Avengers slot game is available to play on desktop computer as well as mobile phone.

Avenger Value System

Captain America has already been mentioned as the most valuable symbol in the game, and although he is surely not everyone’s favourite, he is certain to put a few smiles on faces when he pays out an enormous sum upon being matched five times.

The next most valuable Avengers in the game are Iron Man and Thor, who offer equal payouts, followed by Nick Fury and Black Widow. Poor Hawk Eye brings up the rear as by far the least valuable symbol in the game. The remaining symbols are the queen, king and ace of playing cards, which are the only symbols paying out less then Hawk Eye. The Avengers slot game has many bonus features, all of which are extremely lucrative. Read on to find out how they work.

Big Avengers Bonuses

The wild symbol in The Avengers slot game is the written word Shield. This symbol will match with all other symbols to create winning sequences, and will also match with itself for massive instant payouts. The next bonus feature a player needs to keep in mind is the Avengers Assemble bonus. This occurs when five different avengers match in a row, from left to right, and will grant an enormous bonus.

Note that the avengers in question do not matter, and the order they match in is likewise not important. Matching any Avenger three times will also trigger a bonus payout, all of equal value. The scatter symbol is the last bonus symbol to keep in mind, and is recognisable as the written word Avengers. If matching three times the scatter symbol will trigger a bonus mini-game. In this mini-game the player must select symbols from a grid, which will reveal bonus payouts beneath like in many slot machines at The player may keep selecting as long as the chosen symbols grant a payout, and are not a booby prize. Needless to say, a lucky player can make a great deal of money with this mini-game.