Introduction to Your Favourite Slots Online

Slots, or pokies, started out as large mechanical machines in 1891, also often referred to as one armed bandits. In these early days the machine had just a few possible combinations, all of which were based on poker hands. No money of any kind was paid out, but rather prizes in the forms of free beer, cigars, or whatever else the establishment happened to offer. The machines were also notorious for breaking down and requiring maintenance.

Offered strictly in bars at that time, the one armed bandits proved incredibly popular, and soon evolved to be mass produced and adopted by bowling alleys, saloons, cigar stores, and even brothels. It was not until later they would appear in casinos, and all but revolutionised what it meant gamble. Today, with digital being the accepted standard, one armed bandits have again evolved, and not only are the casino versions digital, but also the versions that live right on your mobile phone, ready whenever you wish to visit to play.

Modern Pokies – In Your Hand

It is no secret that modern portable electronic devices are absurdly powerful, offering as much processing power as ten thousand early computers. The convenience they provide is amazing, and everything from banking to watching movies is done right in the user’s hand. It makes sense then, that slots, or pokies machines, would make what some consider their ultimate evolution. A user may download a pokies machine right to their device, and gamble as if it were a portable casino. And, not only can real money be used, but the pokies machine may be animated, glittering with digital effects, and even based on popular movies.

Thousands of variations of these digital pokies machines are available, hundreds of companies offer them, and getting access is done in seconds of time like starting online cricket betting. On the down side, however, the fine craftsmanship and skill required to make a real pokies machine is no longer required, and a trip to the museum is necessary to even get a look at where the legacy started.

Variety of Slots Available

With evolution comes innovation, and the simple game of pulling a handle and hoping for the best is hardly recognisable. What was once hands of poker is now anything from cartoon characters to popular Hollywood celebrities. And, likewise, what was once a simple game of chance is now exploding with bonuses, special features, interesting rule tweaks, and even jackpot payouts that equal tens of millions. Better still, it can all be accessed by simply downloading a small application to a mobile electronic device and tapping the icon.

Old Versus New

Slots have evolved, they have become more convenient, they are practically limitless in their variety, and they are accessible by anyone who owns a modern smart phone. The question is; was this evolution for the best? Going to the casino used to be a day out; people dressed up, made a day of it, enjoyed the atmosphere and would often catch a show after the poker tables. A mobile device simply does not offer this. With convenience, comes a price. Or, some might say, having the option to do one or the other, as a person prefers, is the best possible middle ground.