Getting Started With Rugby Betting

One of the many reasons that Rugby is so wildly popular in so many hugely different places in the world is that it’s such a simple game to understand! Since Rugby Union got established in 19th century England, over 101 countries now take part in it, with many nations going so far as to adopt it as a national sport.

The first-ever Rugby World Cup was held in New Zealand and Australia in 1987. It was organised by the IRB and was hugely successful. Interestingly, it was staged four years after an attempt was made to launch a global rebel professional championship. That is, one that was not under the control of the IRB.

Fixed-Odds or Spread Betting?

Bettors have a choice of two different forms when they’re making Rugby wagers, Fixed-Odds and Spread staking. The former boast non-changing odds that are guaranteed to you, in a win or lose situation, where there are only two possible outcomes. You’ll be able to work out how much you’ll be collecting long before you know whether you’ve won or not because all the relevant information is available.

Spread wagers, on the other hand, have odds that vary and also offer bettors multiple ways to win. The closer one is to a prediction, the higher the risk, and the more valuable the prize!

You can decide which group of bets you’re more interested in trying, but the wagers outlined here are all Fixed Odds stakes. These are the ones that are most popular with fans of the game the world over.

Match Markets

Markets are the various activities that bettors can wager on, and your options here will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. It’s always a good idea to compare the markets and odds before you sign up for your bookmaking account because of this.

Usually you’ll be able to find stakes that rely on something about the teams taking part in the game, the goals, penalties, scores, margins, athletes, and more.

Handicap Betting

Handicap points are those assigned to a team to even the playing field between two mismatched squads in a match. You will need to take this number into account at the end of the game when calculating whether your bet won or lost.

Try Scorer Wagers

These stakes are made on the player you think will score tries for their team during the game. This is another very variable bet type, though, and, at certain bookmakers, you may find it’s related to the whole team and not a specific athlete.

Match Wagers

These require that you try to guess which squad will win the game. Correctly predict the team to come out on top and you’ll win right alongside your favourite athletes.

Win Margin

This refers to how much a certain squad is going to win by, and you’ll have the option to choose between the number 1 and 5. Then, you’ll be able to collect if the team you said would win does.