An Introduction to Micro Betting

If you haven’t heard about Micro Betting yet, it’s high time you did! This is the latest craze in sports betting and it could help you to win big. Learn how these markets work, and then get to placing Micro Bets of your own.

Small Timeframes, Huge Rewards

The “Micro” in Micro Betting doesn’t refer to the size of the potential payouts, but to the times between when you place a wager and when the event actually occurs. They’re never more than a few minutes into the future; a bookmaker might offer odds that a Cricket batsman will hit a 6 on the very next ball, for instance.

As you can imagine, the action in Micro Betting is even faster-paced than with normal in-play wagers. Having the time limits in place makes them more challenging – it’s likely that a batsman will hit a 6 at some point, after all, but hard to know that it will be on the very next ball – so the odds and payouts are bigger.

Examples of Micro Markets

Micro Markets, or Fast Markets as they are also known, are currently most often seen in Tennis, Cricket and Football. Essentially, they can involve any specific event that an operator can think of. Will a yellow or red card be given within the next few moments of a Football game? Will the next goal be scored? Will a specific ball in a Cricket match be a no-ball, or will the next Tennis serve be a flaw?

These and many other Fast Markets are possible today, and as Micro Betting’s popularity continues to grow the options should only increase. Don’t be surprised if you soon see odds offered on whether the next Golf swing will result in a birdie, or even what a couple’s next dance move will be on Dancing With The Stars!

You Have to Do Your Homework

Clearly, if you have worthwhile insights into the game, team and individual players, Fast Markets can land you a tidy windfall. To go back to that batsman in our Cricket example, your superior knowledge of how they play and when they hit their stride could help you accurately predict when they will in fact score a 6. But you have to have enough know-how and experience to make this call.

In other words, research is more important than ever when you’re dealing with Fast Markets. Make sure you know how teammates interact, how fast Tennis players are on different surfaces, and how athletes have been performing recently.

With the high-risk nature of these stakes, it’s also advisable to put small amounts of money on the results especially when betting on Aussie sports teams. The odds are long enough to make any return a good reward, and this way you won’t lose too much on a Micro prediction. Decide how much you want to spend before the event starts, so you don’t get too caught up in the moment and spend more than you intended to or that you budgeted for.