A Simple Guide to All About Greyhound Racing Betting

The Greyhound made its debut for the first time in England during the 16th century and was known as the sport of queens.

America imported Greyhounds in late 1800s and Greyhound racing as it is today started in 1912 after Owen Smith invented a mechanical lure which started racing around a circular track.  In 1919 the first track opened.

Factors to Consider

There are a few factors to consider when placing bets on Greyhound racing.  Looking for a sports book with good betting odds will make the wager more profitable.  The odds may differ and bettors should look out for a sports book offering competitive odds.

The betting unit is important, that is, how much a bettor will budget for Greyhound racing.  It has been advised that bettors use a betting unit of between 1 and 2% of the bankroll.

Choosing dogs that have a track record of finishing in the top 3 is usually a good indicator of a possible winner.  Dogs that have raced recently is also a good indicator and bettors should keep up to date with dogs that have not participated recently or may have sustained an injury.

Weather conditions of the track will impact a wager.  Heavier dogs tend to have a better race in wet conditions than lighter dogs.   When wagering on Greyhound racing bettors should observe a dog’s behaviour before the race, a more energetic dog is favoured over a dog in low spirits. Make sure you keep all of these factors in mind when exploring the various NZ betting options available to players these days.

How to Choose a Sports Book

Choosing a good greyhound racing betting site is also an important consideration when betting on Greyhound racing.  The site should be legitimate and have a license.  Sportsbetting sites that provide all of their details are usually the ones to go with.

Bettors should also look at the payout time of these sites as some book makers have long waiting periods and should not be trusted.  A diversity of races, events and bets is also important as well as a site that offers good promotions and a welcome bonus for first time bettors.

How to Bet on Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing may seem overwhelming at first, but once bettors understand how it works this will be to their advantage.  The types of bets can be found on the betting form and these include show, win, place, quniella, etc.

The Greyhounds that will race will be listed and if the symbol “*” appears next to the dog it means the dog is imported.  Each dog has a grade starting at AA and then A,B,C and D.  Each time a dog completes a race it gets graded.  If a dog happens to finish 4th place or lower the grade will drop.

The betting form will also include the race record and lists the past positions of the dog.  These helpful items will enable a bettor to make an informed decision.  Other factors that can affect the wager are the track condition and these will also be listed for example W (wet), S (slow or muddy) and F (fast).

The dog’s starting position is also on the sheet and each dog will have a number which corresponds to their position.  Other information that is included is the sex, weight, age, colour and the trainer of the dog.  Previous race odds are also found on the sheet and the number of dogs taking part in that particular race.

https://bettingonline.net.nz/sports-betting/greyhound-betting/ has become a popular sport in different parts of the world and requires good knowledge of the sport.  This knowledge will be helpful when making informed wagers.